Those with riverfront properties may want to brace for moderate flooding on the St. Joe this week.

The National Weather Service reported the St. Joe River is on the rise after an increase in June rainfall through the region.

“The St. Joe is looking to reach minor flood stages this week,” NWS Meteorologist Joey Clevenger said. “It will probably crest around 32 feet.”

Clevenger said the last time the river was this high was in early May of 2018 but also said the river is nowhere close to reaching the major crest record of 42.2 feet which was recorded in 1933.

“It’s not out of the ordinary for this area,” he said.

Clevenger reported the precipitation for St. Maries from the beginning of the year to now is 18.25 inches with a water year of 29 inches. In comparison, the average for total precipitation by June is 16.54 inches with a water year of 27 inches.

“It’s a few inches above normal,” Clevenger said. “We are definitely looking to get more rain by Friday and in to the weekend.”

Benewah County is on par with many other parts of Idaho and Eastern Washington that is experiencing flooding as well though it’s not as bad as some other regions have experienced.

The Palouse River and Pend Orielle Rivers experienced moderate to major flooding over the weekend according to data from the NWS. Parts of Highway 95 near Lapwai were also reported to have been washed away due to high flood waters.

Water has also been reported to be over the roadway on the Benewah Road past Whitetail Draw and on State 6 between Potlatch and Deary in Latah County.

The NWS reported the Panhandle has seen cooler temperatures for this time of year as well.

Monday night low temperatures reach around the upper 30s and lower 40s. The average high for the area is around 72 and this year is running around 70 degrees.

“Things are running a little cooler than normal for June,” Clevenger said.

For more information on weather conditions in the area contact the Spokane NWS at 509-244-6395.

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