A local man has shown his true colors regarding his support for the new library project in Fernwood.

Those colors happen to be in his hair as well as eyebrows and mustache. 

Jim Minser has shown he is one to follow through on a promise. As a result of a challenge made at a recent auction to benefit fundraising for the new library project, Minser ended up a little more pink than usual. 

Minser was the auctioneer at the event and had been challenged to dye his hair by Henry Madsen of Madsen Law Offices. Madsen told Minser if the law office bought the certificate for Lori’s Cut and Curl, then Minser would have to use it to color his hair the same color as the certificate, which happened to be pink.

“He (Minser) was pushing me to bid on everything.  He even was able to get me to buy an old rifle that didn’t have a magazine,” Madsen said.  “But it was all good for a new library for a growing community that will include a computer lab which will have printers etc. that will be important for  all ages in the community. So as he was ribbing me on everything, I decided he should put up or shut up.”

Minser’s hair color now acts as a constant reminder to the community of what the members of the Tri-Commuity Library and New Library Team aim to do regarding a new library.

Minser said it’s a good conversation starter and gives him a chance to tell others what the people in the UpRiver community are seeking to accomplish.

“I live here and the UpRiver are my people and when people ask me to do something I figure how to do it,” Minser said. “I go to Costco and the lady checking out in front of me, never seen her in my life, she turned around and said your hair makes me happy. I got to tell her about the good cause I did it for.”

The hair coloring didn’t seem to bother Minser that much and library patrons say they like his new look.

“He came to be our auctioneer and left with pink hair,” librarian John Smith said. “He’s a good sport and it’s for a good cause.”

Minser has taken his support for the library one step further as well.

He offered his surveying services via Minser Inc. for the new location for the library and said he plans to do the work for free. So far the new library team has found an architect, North House Drafting and Design of Moscow, for the project.

Those who know Minser are encouraged to give him a hard time and to be sure to stop by the Tri-Community Library to put in a donation towards the new library.

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Emida Gal

i love this story. Way to step up Jim!

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