Fifty-one first responders from various agencies in the area attended training for landing zone and extrication Saturday, April 23.

Benewah County EMS Director Kristin Compton said the training was important for volunteers and went over very valuable information.

“Anytime that we have a bad accident, and we have multiple agencies on scene - and if we have to have LifeFlight or Two Bear Air to come and assist the ambulance with the patient, wherever we are and whatever agency is there to assist us will have to land the helicopter. This is kind of a big deal especially for training and safety,” Compton said.

Prior to the field day April 23, Compton had classroom training for two hours April 18 where the students went over everything from safety to what LifeFlight is looking for. Then, on Saturday, the agencies had live hot loading.

“Which is extremely exciting for all,” Compton said. “The best part about all of the hot loads, I did four total, was I mixed the teams up. So, I put Benewah County EMS people, St. Maries, Search and Rescue and so on. Mostly so they had to work with other agency personnel.”

Those who attended the training included volunteers and personnel from Benewah County EMS, St. Maries Fire Protection District, Benewah County Sheriff’s Office, Fernwood Fire, Emida Fire, Harrison Ambulance, Gateway Fire, St. Joe Search and Rescue, Two Bear Air and LifeFlight.

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