So much talk about the “Constitution,” “Liberty,” “Freedom” and “Values” from these right-wing twits like Heather Scott, Ammon Bundy, and Janice McGeachin, et al. These things cannot exist in an authoritarian theocratic nationalist state. And that’s what it will be. I don’t care what you “believe,” what party affiliation you may identify with, or how you try and “justify” it to yourself.

“Liberty” would exist only in the minds of those followers, the “believers” and the adherent sycophants of the cult dreamscape, not anyone else, since that kind of power or control over “others” would automatically be despotic in nature, which contradicts the very definition of “liberty.”

“Freedom” would only be for those in leadership and higher echelon of the authoritarian theocratic nationalist hierarchy. Those followers, believers, and sycophants not in key positions, insert everyday citizens here, would soon be absorbed into the lower castes of slaves to the system much to the outcry and wails of horror by them. It would be a horror of their own making. Fools, buying into the rhetoric and false promises, like lambs led to the slaughter.

“Values” like faith, personal authority, personal autonomy, happiness, influence, community, learning, knowledge, self-respect, success, and wealth to name a few would be controlled and dictated by those you put in control. And you would have surrendered these and any values willingly to be dictated to you and the rest of us at the pleasure of your leadership.

As for the “Constitution” that these very miscreants beat their chests over, it would evaporate like the steam off a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter’s morning.

So, all I can really say to these weirdos, and those who support them is have at it! Cast your lot. You will reap what you sow in the end, at all of our expense. Like Ouroboros, the mythological serpent of ancient Egypt and Greece, continually devouring itself and being reborn from itself. A perpetual cycle of oppression, suffering, and ultimately death. Something to really look forward to!

Idaho. It’s not Gilead, but boy! You can SEE it from here!

Bill Weems


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A lot of words without really saying anything. Interestingly, much of what this article says will happen is already happening under the guise of other ideologies afoot. What would you propose, Mr. Weems? Acknowledgment of sexual identity as the crux of all decision making? Public school teachers discussing their deviant sex lives with young children? Catering to more regulation and bigger government to appropriate entitlement programs to incentivize people to not work for their living? Abolishing the right to bear arms or contending with our second amendment right to have the same arms as our military to protect ourselves from tyranny? Allowing woman to kill unborn babies at their whim under the guise of “my body, my choice,” even though it’s another human they’re making that choice for? Perhaps you’d prefer that the government mandates that we should all receive the same medical experiments even if it’s not right for our individual health, or insist we wear masks even when the “authorities” have changed their stance on the “science” repeatedly to suit their political agenda. Random thoughts and cantankerous rhetoric with no proposed solution gets you nowhere. Maybe you should go check out Portland, Seattle, LA, San Fran, Chicago, NYC, and see how those propositions are doing for them. Take a tent, you’ll need it.

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