Now you know why we all pay so much for insurance

In 1968, my grandpa died while I was in S.E. Asia. I went back to S. E. Asia in 1969 and my grandma died. Not a place I wanted to be for various reasons. In the day, grandpa was what they called a “body and fender man”. One of the very best there was in his time. He could take a rolled over ’36 Ford sedan and in two weeks, it looked like it just rolled off the assembly line. He did this with only his great skill, a few tools and some paint and sandpaper. This was long before buckets of Bondo and fiberglass patch kits. They had a process called “leading” in which they used hot lead to fill in the final cracks and voids. It took many years of experience to master this art as it was extremely demanding and finicky. Grandpa was a true artist.

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