Willow Creek Loop will not be a loop again until trees in the path are cut away, so for now this loop is better done as an in-and-out excursion.

And better to bring a map, GPS, bag of bread crumbs or at the very least some way to find the way back to your vehicle.

The only easy-to-see portion of Willow Creek Loop is the sign marking the trail, and from there this hike will be what you make of it.

The initial portion of Willow Creek Loop is wide and spacious, following a set of stone steps leading away from the parking area, but quickly turns into a series of forks that are not easily distinguishable between elk trails or the Willow Creek Loop Trail.

A safety in hiking Willow Creek is the Willow Creek Road, which hikers will run into should they veer too far to the north away from the path. Climbing uphill from this point will eventually lead back to White Pine Drive.

This report reflects trail conditions as of late May.

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